Monday, February 13, 2006

Keeping Chickens at Home - Pigs might swim

Keeping Chickens at Home - Pigs Might Swim

Pinky & Perky Take To The Water. Three-month-old piglet twins Pinky and Perky love to do a few lengths in owners Marjorie and Craig Walsh's pool at Lucies Farm in Collets Green near Worcester. The couple decided to let the pigs take a dip to keep fit and now Craig believes that the quirky rearing method is the best way to keep the herd lean and mean.He says: "The whole point is to keep them as healthy and as fit as possible and they do seem to get very bored when they haven't got something to do. We basically had to launch the first pig into the pool off the back of a mini trailer. There were six people on stand by to pull it out in case it sank and Marjorie was at the bottom of the pool in scuba gear as a last resort. The pig went straight to the bottom - and then suddenly popped up again. After that we couldn't stop it swimming and it was almost impossible to get it back out.”

Keeping Chickens at Home

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Pigs are cute!