Monday, March 12, 2012

Raising Chickens - Jennifer Aniston's New Friends Are Chickens

raising chickens at home

We all know that former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is a dog lover, but now it seems she has discovered the joys of raising chickens.

Jen found she had inherited a chicken coop on the new property she recently purchased, and it included a flock of chickens!

The former “Friends” actress seems to be taking their care very seriously, and commented that she's really enjoying the company of her new feathered friends. She said, “They’re very social animals, and they like it when you visit them with a cup of coffee in your hand. They also love pasta.”

More than a few people have quit eating meat once they get to know their chickens up close and personal, so I wonder if Jen will soon be announcing that she is a vegetarian now she has started raising chickens of her own and getting to know their individual characters?