Saturday, January 28, 2006

Keeping Chickens at Home - Building a Nest Box.

Keeping Chickens at Home - Building a Nest Box.

Keeping chickens at home in the garden. Building a nest box.

Chickens must have somewhere dark and snug to lay their eggs.

To build a nest box for your chickens is very simple. Build a box with wood, roughly 12"x12"x20"high, with a sloping roof to stop the chickens trying to roost on it and then forget to put a front and a back on it. Instead, put a piece of wood about 3" high on the bottom. With the front open, the chicken can easily pop in and out and with the back open, you can easily get at the eggs.

Check out the picture of one I made earlier in true Blue Peter fashion as a guide. Make sure the nest box is always placed lower than the perches in the house as chickens will always try to roost on the highest point in their house. Place the nesting box at the back of the house, so you can easily collect the eggs when you open the back of the chicken house in the morning.

Put some fresh straw in it and you're ready to go.

Keeping Chickens at Home